Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Love/Hate Relationship

OK, so I'm quite big into films. I love them, I have bookcases filled with DVD's. If I meet someone new, I want to find out what films they like, so that I can recommend them an awesome film that I believe they'll like, and they've probably never heard of. I love the medium of film, and the possibilities that it can afford a gifted film maker. The problems in our relationship comes from the consistent disappointment that I get from watching them.

I have been jaded beyond the point where hype can touch me. Trailers no matter how stunning leave me with a capital Meh. Film has let me down more times than seem possible, and I still love it. I'm the abused husband of a multi-billion dollared marketing sponsored whore, who sells out for pennies. I wish it could be different. I wish film would realise the value that it has inside itself, and how much worth it has beyond what it's happy to be. But alas. It is what it is, and I'm not prepared to throw away the true gems of our relationship, to spare me the countless indignities I have endured, and have still yet to endure.

I'm not a film snob. I don't insist on watching films from eastern European countries that only shoot in black & white and have to have a director with at least one conviction for sexual deviancy. I'm not an elitist. I don't criticise bland camera angles, or poor choices in cinematography. I'm not an intellectual who refuses to waste my time on anything not expanding my concept of the collective unconcious and it's parallels to my favourite Russian revolution. I don't immediately reject the films of Hollywoods monthly 'A' list, and my most beloved actors and directors have all let me down at times. So what am I?

I have decided to label myself as a 'Purist'. What I'm looking for is something new. Not completely new, just something done in a new way, or a different take of an old idea. Something that might make me doubt what's coming next. As an example, take romantic-comedies. For the love of Cthulhu, a heavily concussed wildebeast could correctly give you the plot for any romantic-comedy after seeing only the trailer. They're as safe as suggesting Jack Black play an offensively funny but likable character. So finding an original take on one should be the easiest thing on the planet.

Seriously why can't one director or writer go "Hey, how about if couple don't get angry with each other and break up for an arbitrary reason at the end of the second act while we play the sad emotional song of the day in the fucking rain! You know, just to shake some shit up!" Why this seems to be impossible I don't know, but there is a recent example of someone taking a chance and making a damn fine rom-com, that goes by the name '(500) days of summer'. The relationship in the film is far from perfect, we can see how it's built up in the minds of the characters beyond what it ever was, and it feels real. Hind sight is awesome, and I'm sure most of you have been in the situations where you feel like your relationship is some idyllic slice of paradise, until she runs off with the douche who still owes you £100 from when he got that elderly dwarf hooker in Amsterdam (Bitch!), and then you can see how your piece of prime real estate is actually pretty close to the sewage plant, and built on a zombie burial ground, with nary a machete shop in sight.

I'm sure there was a point somewhere. Oh yes. Please film, please try and do something original occasionally. I've tried to just take a blockbuster as it is and enjoy it, but I can't. I just see poorer versions of better films (ie Die Hard > Under Siege). When I finally see a film that surprises me, I know that there's still hope left. The disappointments of leaving so many cinemas wash away, and I'm glad I'm there to appreciate it. I've seen something that made me think, something that I wasn't expecting, and something to try and get other people excited about too. If you're interested in trying to see something approaching originality, then here are some of my recent favourites that you might not of heard of:

Moon (sci-fi)
Time Crimes (sci-fi)
Defendor (superhero/comedy)
Pontypool (horror)
Triangle (mystery)
(500) Days of Summer (rom-com)
Dogville (drama)
The Fountain (I have no idea how to classify this)


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  15. Hm wow this post isn't that bad. Yes i do agree with you that too many movies are too cliche and unoriginal these days. Unfortunately, the only movie I have watched on your list was "500 Days of Summer", but now I have a better understanding of why I thought it was so well done. Good job :D